Miles Logged

Today I reached a big milestone in my life. I recorded my 5000th mile running. Not quite around the earth, but it beats the length of the Earth’s radius by a couple thousand miles1.

I started running back in 2004, I think. Back then I weighed close to 300 lbs, and was disgusted with myself. I worked alone at a TV station at the time and I started running 5 minutes a day at first. I didn’t talk about it. I just started doing it. Here’s me probably around the time I started:

I spent $100 on running shoes, and kept on going. My stamina improved, and eventually I started to lose all of that weight and maybe a year later weight 125 lbs. I took it too far, but now I’m fluctuating in a normal range for my height. All of that weight loss was due to running. So to maintain it I made running a part of my life. I ran in a few races –I even came in second place in one of them, I started doing product testing for Nike. That, to me, was an indication that I had reached another level. I got to test some pretty cool shoes before the technology was available to the public.

Nike even sent me a pair of $120 (at the time) shoes for $0!

I take winters off for the most part, but I am really excited to achieve more this summer. I’ve ran a half-marathon already, but maybe soon I’ll make a full one.


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