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It is very easy to ‘drink the kool-aid’ when the kool-aid is so delicious. If you are not using the Brave browser by now, or haven’t at least tried it, it must be because you just haven’t heard of it yet. The internet browser is certainly nothing new, but the idea, and crypto ecosystem behind Brave, as far as I know, is. There is a two-fold concept that makes this browser stand out far from others. First, Brave natively blocks all advertising that you would normally encounter on the internet and serves instead its own ads that are paid for by the producers with whom they advertise. In exchange for viewing their ads, they actually pay you in a cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token. I’ll talk more about this later. Secondly, Brave rewards content creators by creating a user driven tip-based system using the BAT cryptocurrency as well. All of this (BAT) can then be further traded amongst the users for content they enjoy, exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, or exchanged for good ol’ $USD.

The Brave browser is built on Google Chromium. Which is pretty much the only problem I have with it, but I guess it is understandable because building a browser from scratch just isn’t necessary these days. Chrome is a firm enough foundation. The issue I have is with the questionable tracking data gathering that Google is suspected of. But, with chromium being open-source, they can change anything they would like to fit their level of safety and security. In the end it is all about trust. Also, it has TOR built in which is a major plus!

Go Download Brave

After you do, turn on the reward system, set up a wallet by signing for one at Uphold:

Write down your recovery key phrase and start browsing as usual. Keep the recovery key safe as this is what can give anyone access to you wallet. One thing to be super aware of, though, is that the browser wallet (not Uphold) is only one way at the moment. So don’t go putting a ton of USD/BAT in there because you won’t be able to get it out. I read that some poor jerk bought $100 of BAT thinking he could do what he wanted with it. Like any crypto wallet, read the directions, and deal with SMALL amounts of USD at first until you’re comfortable with using it.


The ads you view are all up to you. You can simply close the ones you don’t want to see. They arrive in a noninvasive notification on the upper right side of the screen. They are just like any other notification in mac. I’m not sure about Windows. I haven’t fired up a virtual machine with Brave yet. After you’re all set up, keep an eye on the amount of ads you view, and you’ll have some BAT in no time flat.

And that is it. The notifications slide in, you choose to either view them, or not, and you get BAT that can be exchanged for money. It’s about $.02 an ad, but it’s for doing basically nothing, so I’ll take it! As you can see, I have already earned $6.76. Pretty f’ing cool.


One of the best use cases I’ve seen for any cryptocurrency yet is what Brave does for content creators. If you have your own website, YouTube, blog, vlog, whatever, you can submit it to be verified as a content creator through Brave and receive tips from people who appreciate your work. This is going to be a slow build for me because no one I know reads this yet, or uses BAT, or any cryptocurrency for that matter. But the idea is out there and it is a good one! It takes a while to become verified, but once you are you can start collecting those tips!

That leads me to my next point. BAT exchanges right now at $.40, so no one is going to get rich quick on this platform. But that is fine with me. forty cents here and there adds up, and it can make people feel good about contributing without going broke themselves. I’ve tipped a few, so I know it to be true.

If you aren’t into cryptocurrency this is a great first exposure. I have been using the Brave Browser for more than a month now, and I have really come to love it. Without getting technical, I can say it is a very engaging browser that makes you feel like you are a part of your own internet browsing experience, and somewhat in control of it too. My Brave claims that it has blocked nearly 50,000 ads. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t even been paying attention.

I think that means it works!

Money earned since post: $16.00

Check out these websites for way more info than I can cover here:

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