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Time Line

Joseph DeCommer lives and works in Grand Rapids, Mi.


BFA Painting, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids 2017

Selected Exhibitions


May. 2015 East Lansing Art Festival
East Lansing, MI

Aug. 2015 Art Feast.
Lansing, MI.

Sept. 11 Time|Space show at Lansing Art Gallery.
Lansing, MI.

Sept. ArtPrize @ Two Beard Deli
Grand Rapids, MI.


Sept. ArtPrize 2014 @ The Pyramid Scheme.
Grand Rapids, MI

May. East Lansing Art Festival | Emerging Artist.
East Lansing, MI


Nov. Free Radicals @ Lantern Coffee Bar
Grand Rapids, MI

Oct. Art Hop @ Diekema | Hamann.
Kalamazoo, MI

Art Prize 2013 Piece: “You Wouldn't Happen...” @ Two Beards Deli, Grand Rapids, MI


Feb. Art Hop @ Consumers Credit Union.
Kalamazoo, MI

April. Human Interest @ CODA Gallery/Art.Downtown
Group show. Grand Rapids, MI


Began painting with oils


Art Prize 2012 Piece: “Resilient (Series)” @ The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI

Art Takes Times Sq. 2012. New York, NY


Artpeers Fall Festival Piece: “Grand Rapids 4” @ Atomic Object, Grand Rapids, MI - Group show

Art Prize 2011 Piece: “Momento Mori” @ The Lyon Den, Grand Rapids, MI

Avenue for the Arts Showcase Exhibit Piece: “Grands Rapids 3” Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Avenue for the Arts Free Radicals 11 Piece: “Grand Rapids 3”

100 Grand Show Piece: “Eternal Connection” Nice Gallery, Grand Rapid, MI - Group show


Artpeers Fall Fesitval Piece: “Rome” - Group show

Artprize 2010 Piece: “Besotted Bear” @ Ottawa Tavern

Avenue for the Arts Free Radicals 10 Piece: “Grand Rapids 3”