Welcome to DeCommer.com. My name is Joseph DeCommer. I do lots of things. Here you’re going to get a look at what those things are. Like reading, writing, puppet making, skeletal reconstruction, and the occasional book review or two. I play and study the mathematics of games like go, chess, poker and backgammon. And I make games as well.  I study ancient history, and play piano, and I even made an animated show. Oh, I once dabbled in being an oil painter too…  I don’t like the term jack of all trades because I think it sells short the purpose of what one is trying to do when they engage in may things. To me doing many things doesn’t spread a person too thin; doing many things gives a person a well rounded set of skills to call upon when confronted with a task. Because I want to be a life long learner I will constantly be sharpening these tools and adding to them. That’s a preview of the things that you will see here. Oh, and one thing I don’t do is social media. Here is the only place to find me. So come along and let’s try and learn as much as we can!