I Stand By Nike

I’m not all about brands. (Except my own, and ones that have proven to be of good quality) But I have been running in Nike shoes for 9 years. I feel they are the best shoes you can buy for the money. Politics aside, I like them. I have had the pair I wear around the house since 2014. And last year they sent me free Zoom Fly shoes for running a lot. Those are my running shoes that I run in now, and I really like them. Full disclosure, I have been a product tester for them for the past two years, so they have sent me free shoes a few times.

With that out of the way; I don’t like football. I consider chess a sport, and the only thing I care about otherwise is running. I do like the news, PBS Newshour to be specific, so it is impossible to not see and hear what is going on. Colin Kaepernick isn’t a hero. He’s just some rich football jerk who doesn’t like police brutality. I don’t like police brutality. Do you? I would  kneel during the national anthem in protest of that too! He decided that the only way to get people to talk (more like piss and whine like the baby-dummies are in this country now) is use the national TV platform of the NFL to take a knee in protest during the National Anthem. That is it. That’s all he did. So, from that he was fired and has become the dummy’s polarizing figure of the moment. Because of that people are burning their shoes that they paid around, or more than, $100 for. If that isn’t dumb, I can’t tell you what is. You can like Nike, or not,  but if you burn any brand of shoe because you disagree with the company’s politics, you are a top-level moron. And then they have to put it on social media to make them feel like their opinions matter. Uh, you may not know this, so here’s a lesson for you: in about two weeks, no one is going to care, and you still will have wasted a lot of money on shoes. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to do that. You are free to be a shit head all day as long as I’m not affected by your dumbassitude. And I’m sure it helps the economy; whatever the you think that is. Here’s a thought though – how about giving them away to needy people instead, dummy?!

I don’t necessarily agree with a company jumping on a political bandwagon for what could be seen as just a publicity stunt, but companies are run by humans, and this is a human issue. We have to stop this blind allegiance to the flag and this country. Especially if it comes at the expense of public discourse. No one is thinking critically about how this country completely shits on its poor, and veteran people, and college students, and women, etc. What are you really doing when you salute the flag or put your hand on your heart for the anthem? It is a symbolic gesture that only means what we think it means. It’s made up, and it means nothing if there are things we can’t discuss. If it is the military you are celebrating think again. Wars are fought by the poor to enable the rich. That’s it. That is what you are celebrating. There are many other things I could say about the shit state of this country, but I won’t for fear of some crazy asshole that can’t handle the critical thinking, or any thinking at all for that matter. It is money first, then violence, and threats of violence that are keeping people down. And if people can’t speak their minds and give their opinions without fear of retaliation – being fired and blacklisted- then this cunt-ry will continue to be a piece of shit.

I do not believe humans can’t be better than burning their fucking shoes on social media.

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