F*ck You College! 操 你 大学!

College would be exceptionally great if not for the overwhelming, crippling, expense!

The onliest thing I have learned from going to college is that I should have never gone to college. My college adventure started like any other young man’s; I wanted to get laid. I was dating some girl whose father said I wasn’t shit without a college degree. So, being a little more dumb than he was, I bought a first class ticket to the biggest mistake of my life. A ticket that is costing me $65,000 + not including interest of course. Interest is where the real money is. Mistake number two was that I chose particularly terrible art school – I was painting at a high level before going, and even if not, an art degree is garbage compared to what it costs. I earned 96 credits before reaching a point where I could not be given more loans. 30 credits away form a degree and I had to quit because I can’t afford $22,000 a semester out of my own pocket. Now I have $65,000 in debt with nothing in return. The education I did receive could hardly be called good. And just so you don’t think I wasn’t capable of completing college, I made the dean’s list my last semester there, and my GPA was always good. Eat that assholes! I just couldn’t afford it. I’ll be honest and say that the reason I couldn’t finish was because I was enticed to switch my major too often. I didn’t think of the cost, and I was undecided as to what would be most valuable at the end of my time there. That was my fault, but Kendall College of Art is responsible for being misleading and engaging in high pressure sales tactics to get students to take classes they don’t need!

Trying to transfer to a less expensive college was also a joke. A ‘COMMUNITY COLLEGE’ – wink, wink, where I live, here in ‘LANSING’- wink, wink, would only take 20 or so credits. Leaving me to pay for 100 more. I don’t know what their per-credit-hour fees are, but I’ll be nice and say $100. It would have cost me an additional $10,000 to go there, for a grand total of $75,000. That is insane. How do the people in charge not see that this is a devastating system?

College debt is more than 600 billion dollars larger than credit card debt. That is astonishing. And I believe that both lenders and colleges are to blame. To some, money is just a tool. That is most idiotic thinking. Firstly, tools are bought with money, second you can also try and claim that guns are tools (they’re not), and therefore claim that money is a gun… See? Stupid, right? Money is not a single purpose instrument. It is used for everything and transcends the idea of a tools. The people who think money is a tool are the same people who are careless misusers of it. Banks lend out obscene amounts as a product for collecting interest. That used to be called usury. Now, because the rates are ‘low’, it is far more common. But lending at the volume our shitty government deals with, the interest ends up being pretty lucrative, and just as bad as what used to be illegal.

Student loans should be made illegal, and college should be made free or paid for by taxes. How are we to have an educated, advanced, citizenry if most people can’t afford the cost, and are crushed with loan debt for their whole lives? It seems that having an advanced citizenry is the last thing out shitty government wants. It seems to me that the college game is rigged in such a way as to keep more people down than it is to bring them to prosperity. Education is far more valuable than money. In fact, that should be our nation’s currency, but no. People don’t seem to want to learn without the promise of that worthless piece of paper. Can’t get a job without it. Even if you don’t remember anything you learned. If PhDs and MBAs were really so smart, don’t you think the world would be a little better place to live? It’s not. They’re not. All you need to make it is money. Either yours or the govenment. Even though having a degree of any kind is far from being a good/’better’ person. We value degrees that we can show off to our dumbass easily impressed friends more than money. And lenders and colleges exploit that fact. The fact that people are mostly dumb, and institutions are mostly criminal.


Fuck you Ron
Fuck you Ron

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