Finally Working On My Album.


Trying new things can be scary. You never know if you will fail or succeed. The first step into the unknown is to have an interest. If a person thinks of something, they can do it. Talent isn’t even a real thing. All it takes is a little internet, and good old dumb-fuckery. Just do it! Take a look at the music industry these days — it fucking sucks doesn’t it? Music is being made with only money in mind, and it all sounds like the same robot garbage. Everyone is singing about living it up and pouring the champagne, and piss parties. The soul is completely gone from music.

So, having said that, the first thing to do when moving into a new field of interest like music is to look into what is being done now. If all you hear is shit, like with music, think to yourself: Hmm. Maybe I can do better. All you need is a computer with internet. You can download software for free, and get a bunch of pre-recorded bullshit (that’s not what I did. If I decide to record, I play most of the instruments because I actually do have talent.), then building a song with the pre-recorded-blocks-software-machine is easy as store bought pie you passed off as your own, fucking liar. There are lots of places to get royalty free samples; Youtube, slapping yourself, farts. I’m going to use some actual shit sounds in mine. So go ahead! Write some shitty lyrics, and put together your dumb lego song today and you too might find yourself buried in manties like Drake!

And don’t forget to have fun!

Here’s a little taste of heaven. One take M*therf*cker! Boom.

Track One: What If Your Pee Smelled Like Poop?

Track Nine: Ghost Loads.

Track 13: I haven’t Jizzered In A Mighty Long Time. I Might As Well Jizzer On You.

Track 10: VCRs Are Old Get a DVD!

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