One must change with the times.

First, I love China, and the Chinese people!

It has always been at the back of Americans minds that one day China may be the new dominant world power. I, as an American myself, have had this come up in conversations many times. China is the most populated country in the world, and boasts the world’s most spoken language (mandarin) (1, 2).

With this in mind I have decided that I am going to tackle learning my first language, along with my continuing foray into mathematics. So, 你好 everyone. I’m up to about seven words and the numbers 0 – 10, or 从零到十, so far, but I can recognize more characters everyday. I’m just beginning and I am prepared to add this to my list of lifelong pursuits.

Also, I have been going through the process of becoming an electrician’s apprentice. I passed their math test, and got score 82 out of 100 on a 5 person panel interview. I haven’t been given a position yet, but I’m hoping to hear from them soon.

That’s it for now. I’m still just working on improving myself everyday until something clicks.


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