I’m letting this writing thing fall by the wayside. That is not what I had intended of course, but it is hard to maintain a blog. At the moment I am more focused on what I am learning rather than writing about my progress. I’m working at a part-time job as a high school janitor while trying to learn all I can about programming and database management. Plus I am a Nike product tester for the second year and that takes up some of my time too. Also, that is something I can’t write about anyway because the shoes aren’t meant to be see by the public yet.

I’ve still got social platform plans floating around. I want to keep that Detective Vermin YouTube viable, but I am having a real hard time with that because animation takes a long time! I’m thinking of putting up some let’s play Minecraft videos so I can have an excuse to play. I find that game to be peaceful and relaxing in my otherwise turmoil filled world. Too much noise around me!

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