R Is For Data Science

Along with relational database management,  I’m learning the language of data science and statistical analysis, R.  The world will continue to be more reliant on data collection in the future. We are always making steps toward more carefully managed data. There is so much to learn in this rich field of study; how to form ideas for solving problems, collecting data, processing and presenting. It is all very new to me, but I am finding it really exciting.

At the moment I’m using RStudio, and learning how to present the data in an appealing way. I’m deciding which database platform I want to pair it with. I’ve installed both a Mongo Database and an SQL database to see which one I find easier.  I’m leaning toward SQL.There are packages like RMongo, but support is limited. We will have to see about that. There may be more choices out there as I learn more. My first plot is a series of dice rolls. I made dice out of cork, rolled them 15 times, and plotted the results. Data science may sound boring, but it is far from it. Look…

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