Detective Vermin Animation Project

Animation is something that has been close to me for a long time. I have loved watching cartoons and animated films my whole life so I decided to make one of my own. Through this I had a meeting with the former president of Nickelodeon, Fred Seibert. Of course this didn’t lead to fame and fortune, but I went into this project knowing little about animation on this level. I had one other crude project I had  completed a long time ago, but this is something that was much more involved. And it gave me the valuable experience of meeting with the head of a major network. I created this project completely on my own except for a voice over by my girlfriend, Constance. I put a lot of love and energy into this, and I hope it is an example of what I am capable of achieving. This wasn’t a small task. Subscribe here Detective Vermin on YouTube!

Episode 2 gets better visually, and the story is a little more involved.

Episode 3 is my favorite. I put a lot of work into this one.

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